Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional
                                                                        Republica Dominicana

We have a direct access to the appropriate expertise in the areas of master planning studies,airport automation, airport terminal concession development, aviation security, route development and cargo terminal planning and development. 

1. Master Planning Studies
         - Preparation of the Master Plan for the optimal development of an existing or proposed airport.
         - Analysis of all pertinent key issues.
         - Sizing and locating of major facilities.
         - Provision of sufficient capacity to meet the expected demand.

         - Ensuring the compatibility of airport expansion with local land-use planning and environmental concerns pertaining to the proposed development. 

2. Airport Automation

         - Integration of tools and techniques geared at helping airports implement the latest IT solutions alongside legacy systems.

         - Development of common system platforms that reduce support costs and enable integration with other airport systems such as those supporting 

           flight information display and dynamic signage. 

3. Airport Terminal Concession Development
         - Development of concession plans that can both enhance the level of service and greatly enhance revenue.
         - Integration of concession facilities into basic functionality of the passenger handling process.
         - Design of the nature, extent and physical arrangement of concession facilities. 

4. Aviation Security
        - Ensuring the balance between the demands of aviation security and passenger facilitation. 

        - Comprehensive and detailed knowledge of current and emerging standards.

5. Route Development
        - Evaluation of the demand and economic viability for new and additional air services.
        - Market demand studies to identify potential new routes and to provide detailed evaluations of key relevance to potential airlines.

6. Cargo Terminal Planning and development
        - Conceptual planning of cargo facilities.

        - Preparation of detailed planning studies.
        - Design of modern, efficient and appropriately sized cargo facilities